10 Year Guarantee

Composite Timber Doors come with a 10 year manufacturing guarantee. This guarantee is very comprehensive and includes all aspects of the door and the multi-point locking system. Our Composite Timber Doors are manufactured using the highest quality materials, hardware and accessories. Each door is designed to look great and function well with little maintenance for the lifespan of the door.


This guarantee is only in effect for composite timber doors that have been cared for according to the manufacturer’s instructions and have been subjected to normal use. This means doors which have been neglected or subjected to excessive force and have developed faults because of this are not covered by our guarantee.

The guarantee lasts for 10 years from the date of manufacture. Under the terms of this guarantee, the composite door shell will not crack, chip, fade, flake peel or dent. The colour of the composite door shell has a colour fastness guarantee, meaning any discolouration or fading of the door leaf will be within an acceptable range, as stated by the British Standards EN ISO 11341 guidelines for paints and varnishes (within a Grey Scale Rating of 3-4). uPVC outer frames will keep their shape, stability, impact strength and colour. If double glazing is supplied with the composite door, it will retain good vision and all seals will remain in tact.

The 10 year guarantee includes the door and multi-point locking mechanism. Furniture (handles, rim latches, door knockers and letter plates) have a 1 year guarantee, but are manufactured to the highest standard and designed to last for years with proper care.


There’s no special cleaners required to keep our doors looking good, and there’s no need to sand and re-paint the doors to keep them weather-proof as you would a standard timber door. Simply wipe the door down with a mild soapy water and soft cloth whenever it needs it.

The furniture on your composite door will benefit from a regular polish to keep them looking their best.

Care instructions are included with all Prolinea letter plates. The working parts of the locking mechanism and hinges require a yearly oil to ensure they continue to function properly for many years. Failure to do so could result in faster wearing due to friction from a lack of lubrication.