Energy Ratings

Lower U-values mean better thermal efficiency, keeping your home warmer and helping to reduce your energy bills as a result.

Our composite doors have U-values that range from as low as 1.1 – 1.4 W/m2k.

We use a manufacturer who works to improve overall U-values. Each Composite Timber Door is supplied with an energy efficiency certificate, detailing the U-value of the door. Verified figures from BRE and Chiltern Dynamics are included in our U-value calculations.

Thermally-Efficient Composite Doors

From the thick timber core to the five chamber door frame reinforcing, very part of our composite doors are manufactured for the ultimate in energy efficiency.

  • 44mm thick timber core
  • Composite door does not warp/bend/expand/shrink with changes in heat or weather, so house remains draught-free
  • All glazing double or triple glazed
  • Door frame reinforcing has five chambers for thermal efficiency (three chambers is usually the standard)