High Security

Composite timber doors offer a superior level of security in comparison to most front doors on the market. Other doors often have vulnerabilities that attackers can take advantage of. Composite doors are solid and tough, without the weaknesses that leave you at risk. There are no panels that can be kicked in, like with most uPVC doors. The wooden core is encased and protected from weather, so it won’t weaken over time.

Functional, secure, durable – a Composite Timber Door won’t let you down when you need it the most.

  • Entire Door 48mm Thick
  • 44mm Thick Solid Timber Core
  • Hard-wearing Thermo Plastic Skin
  • Reinforced Door Frame
  • Multi-Point Locking System

Composite Timber Door Locks

Our Secured by Design locking system has been tested to particularly high levels to give peace of mind to homeowners wanting to protect their family and property. The high security Magnum cylinder provided with our composite doors has passed Grade 2 of BS EN 1303 tests. These tests cover the resistance to attack including drilling, twisting, pulling and breaking. The Magnum cylinder is combined with an Avantis multi-point locking system, which uses security hooks to lock the door in place at multiple points along the frame.